Top students from Robstown High School will be attending the Business Professionals of America 2010 State Leadership Conference in Fort Worth on March 3 - 6.

Raul Arellano, Jonathan Cortez, Kimberly Costilla, Bethany Elizondo, Noel Garcia, Anastasia Garza, Andrea Gomez, Amanda Hernandez, Jessica Lerma, Joshua Maldonado, Michael Ramon, Orlando Reyna, Cynthia Tapia, and Christopher Youngblood will join over 2,500 other conference delegates from across the state to participate in state level business skill competitions, internships and general sessions. Besides having the opportunity to excel, they'll experience Fort Worth as they visit the city's exciting sites.

The students qualified to participate at the state level conference after competing at the Regional Leadership Conference held at Tuloso-Midway High School on Jan. 23, 2010. The conference emphasizes business workforce education and training which members of the local chapter of Business Professionals of America at Robstown High School have received. Results from that conference are as follows: Raul Arellano, Noel Garcia, Michael Ramon, Christopher Youngblood - 2nd in Software Engineering Team; Jonathan Cortez - 4th in Graphic Design Promotion; Anastasia Garza, Joshua Maldonado, Orlando Reyna - 1st in Computer Animation Team; Kimberly Costilla, Bethany Elizondo, Jessica Lerma, Cynthia Tapia - 4th in Video Production Team; Arellano - 3rd in PC Servicing & Troubleshooting; Costilla - 3rd in Entrepreneurship; Lerma - 2nd in C++ Programming; Maldonado - 6th in Advanced Word Processing; and Ramon - 1st in Computer Network Technology.

Their chapter advisor is Beatrice Gonzalez Lopez who teaches Career and Technology Education classes and Maria G. Barron is the district's Career and Technology Coordinator.

Business Professionals of America is a national organization for middle school, high school, and college students preparing for careers in business and office occupations. The organization's activities and programs complement classroom instruction by giving students practical experience through application of the skills learned at school. Business Professionals of America acts as a cohesive agent in the nationwide networking of education and business and industry, and is contributing to the preparation of a world-class workforce through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic, and technological skills.