Deputies with the Nueces County Precinct 5 Constable's Office recently arrested a father and son for possession of drugs after initially responding to a loud music complaint in Banquete.

Sgt. Oscar Mendoza Jr. said deputies responded to the 5000 Block of Pearl Street after receiving a call about loud music from a citizen at the home of 44-year-old Eric Flores. Upon arrival, the deputies found several individuals outside the residence drinking alcohol. They also immediately noticed the smell of burning marijuana in the air, he added.

Deputies then asked to speak to the homeowner, who was identified as Flores when he came forward. After questioning the man, police found he was in possession of six grams of cocaine, Gomez said.

"(Flores) was asked if he had any narcotics on him and he pulled out a bag of packaged cocaine from his pocket," he said.

When deputies continued their investigation at the home, they found 17 grams of marijuana tucked into a crevice beneath the table the suspect and his guests had been seated at when deputies arrived, according to the arrest report. Flores' 15-year-old son claimed responsibility for the marijuana and was placed under arrest.

Deputies also found an unlicensed nine-millimeter handgun at the home, which was loaded, according to the report.

The teen was transported to the Nueces County Juvenile Justice Center with one count of possession of marijuana. Flores was taken to the Nueces County Jail to face one count each of possession of a controlled substance-cocaine, manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Flores was released June 2 on a $40,000 bond, jail officials said Monday.