The Best Buy Children's Foundation recently awarded a $5,000 grant to the Tuloso-Midway ISD Education Foundation. The grant is in support of an innovative teaching project called the Global Trekking Adventure.

The project uses Global Positioning System units to teach students about geospatial technology concepts and skills in an interdisciplinary approach.

"The Best Buy grant will help prepare our students for a world in which GPS will infiltrate many aspects of their lives," said Sharon Trott, TMISD Foundation executive director. "Our educators will also learn how to integrate this technology into all subject areas including science, social studies, math and language arts,"

For the donor, the idea is to help devise new ways to make learning interesting again for students.

"The Best Buy Children's Foundation is committed to strengthening our communities by supporting programs that use interactive technology to make learning fun for kids," said Mike Quintanilla, local store assistant manager.

"Our stores are committed to being a valuable and engaged community partner."