Tuloso-Midway Independent School District trustees will have to look elsewhere for more than $200,000 worth of budget cuts, as a proposal for furloughing district educators has been taken off the table.

The three-day furloughs, which were approved for teachers during a June 13 school board meeting, would have helped cover the district’s budget deficit this year. State legislation, though, giving the board approval to put the furlough days for teachers in place has yet to be signed by Gov. Rick Perry, and would not go into effect until September.

TMISD Interim Superintendent Sue Nelson said on July 8 that it would be too late to institute for the coming school year.

“We’re now about $200,000 off. There will still be furloughing for the rest of us…working beyond 187 contract days. All we can do right now is wait and see how it goes,” Nelson said. “There hasn’t been a report on property wealth, yet. We’re going to have to wait.”

The TMISD Board of Trustees had previously approved three furlough days for all staff members who’s contracts were set beyond 187 days. That cost saving effort is still in place and is not affected by the pending legislation.

Those still proceeding with three furlough days include maintenance and support staff, school administrators and educators, such as band directors and ag teachers. Nelson said three calendar days will be added for teachers in May to make up for changes to the school calendar that were approved last month.

At this point, the board will be looking for other places to make up the budget deficit, such as eliminating the use of campus police at the middle and high school campuses, ending the practice of hiring student workers through DECA to help in the main office and print shop.

The board will also examine the possibility of streamlining bus drop-off and pickup points, Nelson said.

“The longer the routes are, the more time they take, with more gas used during the numerous starts and stops,” Nelson said.

The district is set to adopt a budget by Aug. 22.

In order to stave off a budget deficit, the district this summer also instituted a 15 percent budget cut across the entire district.

Those cuts were non-payroll in nature, with a focus on purchasing orders, office supplies and equipment.

The district also converted to conducting in-house substitute services, as opposed to contracting that service out-of-district to Kelley Services, TMISD’s previous substitute supplier.