The Tuloso-Midway Independent School District had all campuses in the upper 90th percentile of students passing nearly every subject of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills, according to preliminary results.

Four grade levels managed to achieve a 100 percent passing rate in at least one subject. Only the eighth grade managed the feat in two areas, though, with 100 percent passing in reading and English/language arts and social studies.

Third-grade students accomplished 100 percent passing in writing, while sophomore and junior students did so in social studies at the high school.

The percentage of students achieving passing scores did not fall below 84 percent, which was the number for fifth-grade students in the subject of science.

Eighty-eight percent of sixth-grade students managed passing scores in math, compared to 85 percent of seventh-grade students in the same subject.

Preliminary TAKS results: TMISD

Third grade

Reading/ELA: 96

Math: 95

Fourth grade

Reading/ELA: 90

Math: 97

Writing: 100

Fifth grade

Reading/ELA: 98

Math: 87

Science: 84

Sixth grade

Reading/ELA: 97

Math: 88

Seventh grade

Reading/ELA: 95

Math: 85

Writing: 94

Eighth grade

Reading/ELA: 100

Math: 93

Science: 97

Social Studies: 100

Ninth grade

Reading/ELA: 99

Math: 95

Tenth grade

Reading/ELA: 97

Math: 95

Science: 96

Social Studies: 100

Eleventh grade

Reading/ELA: 98

Math: 93

Science: 98

Social Studies: 100

Source: Tuloso-Midway ISD testing coordinator