New bright blue trashcans lining the streets in Bishop represent a change in the city's waste disposal contract, and changes to the city's trash pickup schedule, as well.

On Friday, the Bishop City Council unanimously voted to enter into a contract with Allied Waste, for a term of five years. The contract with the city's previous provider, Absolute Waste, expired Friday.

Although the new contract will mean an immediate increase in cost to the city, the contract places a cap on future increases at three percent, plus 10 percent of any increase in diesel fuel in a given year.

The contract with Absolute Waste that expired Friday was for a cost of $10.73 per household per month, with once-a-week pickup.

Under the new contract with Allied Waste, the cost to the city will be $12.38 per household, with one "Clean Sweep" operation at the beginning of the contract, five code enforcement properties per year disposal and one annual clean-up event each year.

Officials said with the expiration of the previous contract an increase in costs was anticipated, and the council plans to adjust rates to compensate in its next meeting.

The new contract also brings with it a new pickup schedule for residents.

Under the new contract, residents who live south of Main Street will have trash pickup on Tuesdays, while residents who live north of Main Street will have trash pickup on Fridays.

For those whose trash is picked up on Tuesdays, there will be an additional pickup on the second Monday of every month for brush and bulky items such as furniture and appliances. For those whose trash is picked up on Fridays, their extra pickup day will be the fourth Monday of every month.

Officials said one change in brush pickup is that brush is no longer required to be bundled in three-foot sections. Brush may be piled next to the trash pickup spot, as long as it is in sections less than ten feet in length.

On a related item, officials announced the city will hold a Residential Tire Disposal Day on Friday. Tires without rims may be brought to the old city hall, located at 500 East Texas Ave. on Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. No commercial disposal will be accepted.

For questions regarding the new trash pickup schedule, contact the Bishop City Hall at 584-2567.