Robstown police are preparing to conduct a second operation to clean up graffiti around the city, and they are looking for volunteers to help out.

Robstown Police Sgt. Derly Flores said the department will be working with city code enforcement and other officials on the follow-up to July's Operation Tag Out. That initiative was the result of more than three months of planning, Flores said, and was designed to eliminate graffiti that has begun to pop up around town.

Police are hoping to prevent gang violence, which began earlier this year with a back-and-forth tagging war that played out on a vacant building near the intersection of U.S. Highway 77 and State Highway 44. The building had tags from local gangs, as well as some from a Houston gang who decided to make their mark in response to the local tags.

The police department will be conducting its operation the morning of Oct. 30, beginning at 9 a.m., with volunteers being needed to help with the cleanup, Flores said. Volunteers and officers will meet at the Robstown Police Department that day.

The department will provide the supplies for the operation, which will include covering 13 locations around town that have spray painted buildings, fences and signage.

Anyone wishing to volunteer and participate in the graffiti cleanup is asked to contact Sgt. Derley Flores with the Robstown Police Department at (361) 387-3531.

Residents are also asked to call the department if any graffiti or taggers are sighted, Flores said. Anyone wishing to leave an anonymous tip can call the department's hotline at (361) 387-TIPS.