The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has fined a brush recycling and composting business in Robstown $3,600 for the unauthorized disposal of solid waste and a failure to maintain proper records.

The ruling was issued earlier this month by the TCEQ against Mother Earth Landscape Materials, located 3037 Farm-to-Market Road 665, after a routine investigation on June 2 led to the discovery of the two violations.

TCEQ investigators said the business failed to prevent the unauthorized disposal of about 20 yards of municipal solid waste at the facility. They also found there was a failure to maintain required waste minimization and recycling records.

The state fined Mother Earth Landscape Materials $3,600 for the violations. Of that, $720 may be deferred, which is contingent on the business's ability to comply with the corrective actions set forth by the TCEQ ruling. The remaining $2,880 will be paid to general revenue.

The ruling orders the business to immediately cease disposing of any additional municipal solid waste at its location and remove all other solid waste and dispose of it at an authorized facility.

The business is also required to submit written certification to show its ability to comply with the order within 45 days of the ruling.