The face of business is changing and so are the courses in the Business Department at Calallen High School. New courses include Touch System Data Entry, Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance, Business Information Management I and II, Business Information Management I for Health Occupations, Global Business, Digital and Interactive Media, Web Technologies, and Business Information Management I Dual Credit, and Practicum in Business Management. The program will continue to offer Business Law and Accounting I and II.

The department offers many programs that focus on preparing students for the workforce, one of which is the business and technology track.

In this curriculum, students are able to gain confidence in working computer programs, to implement personal and interpersonal skills to strengthen individual performance and are able to compete on the BPA team.

Students apply technical skills to address business applications of emerging technologies, create word processing documents, develop spreadsheets, formulate databases and make electronic presentations using appropriate software.

All of these computer programs that are taught in this track will further help students advance in their future classes and workforce.

"It's hard for me to think of a scenario in which computer skills are not beneficial in today's society," business and technology teacher Katherine Herring said. "Anyone entering the workforce will most likely need some type of skills, whether it be composing correspondence data entry, or organizing data and design."

Not only does this course offer computer software skills, but it also allows students to earn college credit hours by taking Business Information Management I Dual Credit. This course will teach students to implement personal and interpersonal skills to strengthen individual performance in the workplace and in society and make a successful transition to the workforce and post secondary education.

"The business and technology course does help prepare me for the future, but it also allows me to boost my GPA and obtain college hours," junior Reid Thompkins said. "I must also add that Mrs. Herring is an awesome teacher."

Overall, this course seems to be very beneficial and enjoyable amongst students.

"Not only did I learn a lot about computer software programs that will further advance me, but Mrs. Herring's class was one of my favorites," senior Carrani Sanders said.