Police recently arrested a 66-year-old Robstown man for allegedly dealing drugs out of a local bar.

Detective Lance Tagle, with the Robstown Police Department, said an anonymous tipster informed police that a man was reportedly selling drugs within the city limits. Further investigation led police to execute a search and arrest warrant at the home of Antonio Gonzalez Jr. on Nov. 24.

Upon arriving at the home, located in the 800 Block of Martinez Street, police tried to make contact with Gonzalez, but he was not home. Officers then checked a bar, Tropical Night Club, located in the 100 Block of East Main Avenue, police claim Gonzalez has used during the evenings to deal drugs out of, according to a police report.

When police arrived at the night club, they found Gonzalez at the bar having a drink of water. After he identified himself to officers, he was placed under arrest, according to the report.

Officers found thirteen small, blue bags containing cocaine hidden in Gonzalez's sock during their search, which the suspect claimed was all he had, according to police. However, a search of Gonzalez's residence turned up another small stash of cocaine hidden in a potted plant, according to the report.

The total amount of cocaine seized was just over four grams, Tagle said.

Gonzalez was later transported to the Nueces County Jail. He is charged with one count of manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance.