Robstown police are cracking down on graffiti vandals striking different areas around town, and are asking for the public's help to bring those involved to justice.

Det. Arturo Gonzalez said the department has been investigating nearly 30 different cases of graffiti vandalism around the city. Six individuals have been arrested thus far in connection with the case, with five of those in custody being juveniles and one adult. Police have arrested another man suspected of being involved in vandalism, as well.

Gonzalez said the vandals have struck numerous locations, including several area churches and San Pedro Elementary School.

Police are asking anyone with information on any instances of graffiti vandalism, and would like to remain anonymous, to call the department's hotline at (361) 387-TIPS. If an act of vandalism is being witnessed as it occurs, the public is asked to telephone the department's dispatch center at (361) 387-3531.

Gonzalez said any person arrested and convicted for graffiti vandalism, which is a state jail felony, could face up to two years behind bars and up to a $10,000 fine.