The 2011 Nueces County 4-H Canning and Yeast Bread Show was held recently with 38 4-H students competing in 130 individual events.

The event took place Oct. 15, at the Johnny S. Calderon Nueces County Center Auditorium in Robstown.

The age divisions included Clover Kids at 5 - 8 years old, the Junior division at 8-10 years old, the Intermediate division at ages 11-13 and Senior division of 14-18 years of age.

The Overall Canning winner was junior Reese Richardson, Annaville 4-H Club.

The Overall Yeast Bread winner was intermediate Camryn Haines, Annaville 4-H Club. These two 4-H members received plaques awarded by the Nueces County 4-H Council.

All others received rosettes as well as gifts for their accomplishments.

Clover Kids participating were Eldon Cass, Emily Munoz and Mia Slusher.

All were awarded green rosettes.

First place winners and top rankings in canning are:

Junior students Zoe Slusher, vegetables; Dalton Roe, pickled vegetables; Genevieve Cass, relishes; Reese Richardson, soft spreads and Taylor Nicosia, salsa.

Intermediate students Shelby Pridgen, fruits; Camryn Haines, vegetables; Dakota Roe, pickled vegetables; Shelby Pridgen, relishes; Collin Havelka, soft spreads; and Shelby Pridgen, salsa.

Senior students Ross Sullivan in vegetables, relishes, soft spreads and salsa; Jamie Sullivan, pickled vegetables.

First Place winners and top rankings in yeast breads include:

Junior students Reese Richardson for basic and sweet breads, and Jackie McClendon for flavored breads.

Intermediate students Camryn Hanies for basic and sweet breads, and Ashley Richardson for flavored breads.

Senior student Ross Sullivan for flavored and sweet breads.

Judges for the event were Gloria Gallardo, Sandra Hoelscher, Linda Johnson, Ronnie King, Gail and Jim Masur, Helen Orsak, Adriana Pena and Mary Richardson.

A special thank you goes to the project leaders for coordinating the event for the 4-H students.

Project leaders are Melissa Duge, MaKenna Duge, Janet Lange, Kelsey Lange, Shelley Haines, Camryn Haines, Rebecca Green, Meagan Harrington, Kaitlyn Pittman and Ashley Richardson.