Robstown police last week arrested a 50-year-old man following the execution of a search and arrest warrant in the 800 block of W. Ave. E.

Sgt. Derley Flores, a narcotics officer with the Robstown Police Department, said the June 29 warrant was obtained using information provided by the public.

Citizens calling into the departmentís anonymous hotline reported suspicious foot and vehicle traffic at the home of Arnoldo Rios at various times of the day and night.

Rios has a history of arrests for drug possession, with the earliest dating back to 1990, according to online records from the Nueces County District Clerkís office.

Flores said officers arrived at Riosís home at 5:30 p.m. and found Rios on his front porch.

He cooperated with police after they informed him of the warrantís execution, Flores said. A small amount of cocaine was discovered in the pockets of Riosís clothing, he added.

Police also found assorted drug paraphernalia in the suspects bedroom, including syringes and scales.

Rios was arrested without incident and transported to the Nueces County Jail, where he was still being held as of Monday, according to online records.

He is being charged with possession of a controlled substance, a third degree felony.

Anyone with information on suspected criminal activity, and would like to remain anonymous, is asked to contact the Robstown Police Departmentís hotline at (361) 387-TIPS.