The Nueces County District Attorney's office will have a new, but familiar, face in charge after Democratic challenger Mark Skurka defeated Repubican incumbent Anna Jimenez, according to final, but unofficial, election results released Nov. 2.

Skurka, who served 10 years as former first assistant district attorney before being dismissed last year after Jimenez took office, received 55 percent of the vote in last week's General Election to Jimenez's 45 percent. Skurka was a prosecutor for 23 years in the District Attorney's office, as well.

His 2,388-vote lead from initial early voting results only grew on Election Day, and he finished with a total of 3,572 votes to 27,658 for Jimenez.

"I think it's a relief to me and a lot of people that I'm going to be back in the District Attorney's office," Skurka said.

Skurka said the numbers posted by voters showed they wanted a District Attorney with experience in order to address issues in the office, like low prosecutor pay and ensuring the department runs more efficiently.

"I will do everything in my power to address that," he said.

Skurka said the results also proved that voters wanted to select a candidate they felt was best to serve as District Attorney, a comment seemingly aimed at Jimenez's appointment by Gov. Rick Perry, also a Repubilcan, in March.

"It shows the people of Nueces County wanted to choose their own District Attorney," he said. "It's nice to be appointed by the governor, but it's a much better feeling to be elected by the people."

Skurka said he would likely have to wait a few weeks before he can take office, as he must first wait for Nueces County Commissioners and the state to canvass last week's election results.