A 22-year-old Robstown man was arrested last week after police executed a search and arrest warrant and found drugs and other assorted paraphernalia in his bedroom.

Sgt. Derley Flores, with the Robstown Police Departmentís Narcotics Division, said police had received numerous tips from the public through the departmentís anonymous hotline about suspicious traffic and activity at a home in the 800 block of Indiana St. The warrant was executed July 7 at 5:30 p.m. for Hjoe Garcia.

The home police searched belonged to Garciaís mother, Flores said.

Flores said the odor of marijuana was evident as soon as officers walked in the front door. Garcia was found in the bedroom and offered minor resistance to officersí attempts to place him under arrest, he added.

During their search, police found 1.6 ounces of marijuana, along with 28 grams of hydrocodone pills. Officers also confiscated about $1,000 in currency, and Flores said it appeared as though Garcia had sold a large portion of the marijuana allegedly in his possession at the time the publicís tips came into the department.

In addition to the drugs, police found various drug paraphernalia in Garciaís bedroom, including scales and small plastic bags. Garcia confessed to police that the drugs and paraphernalia belonged to him, Flores said.

Garcia was arrested and transported to the Nueces County Jail. He is currently facing one count of possession of marijuana. That charge would likely get bumped up to a Class A Felony, Flores said, since the home Garcia was arrested in was across the street from St. Anthonyís School and Catholic Church.

Flores said Garcia has a warrant outstanding in Van Zandt County for possession of marijuana, as well.