Letter to Editor:

Ref: Natatorium & Water Park (called the “MUC”)

According the City of Alice’s OWN accounting (as of Oct. 31, 2016,) the City is Violating the City Council directive.

The Alice City Council Voted 4 to 0 to direct the City Staff that NO Taxpayer money would be spent on the “OPERATION” of the MUC!

From May1 through Oct. 31, 2016 the MUC only had $144,179 in Operating Income and $306,555 in Operating Expense which equals a <$162,376> Net Operating LOSS or <$27,062> LOSS per month (first 6 months of MUC Operation).

However, the Swim Team raised $154,422 in Donations ($100,365 so called “Corporation Ads” plus $54,057 Donated by Alice Chamber of Commerce), which reduced the LOSS to Alice Taxpayers to <$7,953> LOSS (<$162,376> Net Operating LOSS less $154,422 in Donations=<$7,953>). The <$7,953> LOSS does NOT include November 2016 Operating Losses (projected to be at least another <$27,062> monthly LOSS with NO Donations).

In my opinion, the City’s Accounting has UNDERSTATED the first 6 months actual Operating Expenses by at least $60,000 ($10,000 per month X 6 months=$60,000), therefore Increasing the Operating LOSS to $222,376 or <$37,062> LOSS per month for the first 6 months of MUC Operation ($162,376 Operating LOSS plus $60,000= <$222,376>)*.

BOTTOM LINE--- If the Swim Team DOES NOT raise at least another $200,000 in Donations, the MUC must be CLOSED (drain the Swamp) in order to STOP BLEEDING ALICE TAXPAYERS and the Chamber of Commerce and another Alice Tax Rate Increase (on top of the 96% this year).

Newell W. Atkinson III (a Concerned Taxpayer)

Alice, Texas