This weekend will bring a variety of family related gatherings and rituals to recognize this time of year to celebrate both Easter and the arrival of spring.

The most potent message about Easter season is the idea of the passage of time and life, and how we evolve ourselves within the cycle of life.

Easter is about renewal. Renewal of our commitment to be better persons in our relationships to others. To be better people of hope and faith in our outlook, attitudes, and dealings with our friends, family, workplaces, and the larger community.

We are a city with many people challenged and suffering in different ways. It is easy to become overwhelmed and discouraged. But the Easter message teaches us about enduring setbacks, and the need for, and power of, hope and belief in overcoming the problems of life thrown at us. Through suffering or sacrifice there can be even greater gains.

It is through these conflicts that we gain an understanding of the compelling need to reject those forces that can cause us to accept intolerance, falsehood, and hate as worthy influences.

Instead, our concentration must turn to the true powers of unconditional faithfulness towards brotherhood, humanity, and truth. It is through these elements that we discover real peace, satisfaction, and success.

Easter tells us to never risk destroying what we claim to be protecting due to our own failure to embrace the positive energies of compassion, commitment, and community spirit and join with others for a better tomorrow. The cycle of life and renewal -Celebrate it!