Featured speaker at the annual Boy Scouts Breakfast held Tuesday to benefit community scouting programs was Port of Corpus Christi Commissioner Barbara Canales, who spoke on the strategic role Alice and Jim Wells County will play in the revival of the oil and gas economic sector.

Currently South Texas is experiencing a $70 billion dollar energy investment movement that can only benefit our Hub City area over the next few years.

Commissioner Canales points to the Hub City's strategic location as a key factor in potential, considering the easy accessibility to highways and railway. The added bonus is the presence of a strong both experienced and trainable workforce and functional sites for operations. 

As important as drilling can be, we must also adjust our outlook to recognize the opportunities in other strongly connected but diversified fields such as distribution, storage, instrumentation, chemicals, medical, agriculture, construction, and related services that come with gas and oil development.

Canales stressed that Alice and Jim Wells County will continue to be a major player in the emerging regional economy and must not allow itself to be diverted from the need for all community resources and assets to be prepared and geared to advance for local growth. It is essential that governing jurisdictions and leadership respond accordingly to these big picture realities and priorities to sustain our future.

Everyone must choose wisely.