Dear people of Alice, Texas

Last night I was asked to give the invocation at the City Council meeting. I’ve done this many times since coming to Alice in 2008. I’ve been hearing some of the things that have been going on with the City Council and have been understandably appalled by what I’ve heard. When I arrived at the meeting, I picked up an agenda and was saddened by what I read. I asked the Lord to give me a prayer for the meeting and this is the prayer He gave me.

“Lord, I look at the agenda and can’t help but ask you ‘When will this city be healed?’ Your answer would be, ‘When this city and its leaders turn to you with all its heart, soul, strength, and mind.’ Lord, your Word declares – ‘Unless the Lord builds the city, its builders labor in VAIN!’ Lord, there is NO GOOD THING anyone can do without you. Lord, Alice, Texas is in NEED of you. Oh Lord come! Turn this city away from its many sins to live for you alone. Deliver us from evil. Lead us in you everlasting way. It is in Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.”

Folks, Alice, Texas needs Jesus. It will continue to go through the cycle of elections and firings until the people of Alice AND its leaders choose to turn to Jesus Christ in genuine repentance. The wickedness, corruption, political power plays, and evil of every kind have got to stop! God can’t bless our city if we continue of the path we are on. Let’s not think that the problems at City Hall have nothing to do with us personally because that is patently false. What goes on among our city leaders affects everyone in Alice and it moves out from there because Alice is the “Hub City" for the region.

Do not shrug off this letter or what’s going on in our city. Turn to God in repentance. Confess your part in this city’s troubles – particularly if your part has been that of doing NOTHING! God can heal Alice. God wants to heal Alice, but He’s waiting on the people of Alice to do their part.

Rev. Kathleen G. Kasper

Living Word Fellowship, Alice, Texas