Letter to Editor:

My name is Albert Seguin. I am a third great-grandson of Juan Seguin. I am the Founder and President of THE SEGUIN FAMILY HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Our Family Organization is comprised of the bloodline descendants of the men who defended, fought, and died at the Alamo in 1836.

Our intention is to strongly oppose the current REIMAGINE THE ALAMO Master Plan that is being pursued and pushed into reality by Texas General Land Office Commissioner George P. Bush.

There are many aspects detrimental to this plan, which have been addressed previously. The plan being favored greatly disrespects the ultimate sacrifice made by the men who fought at the Alamo and died at the Alamo for the right to self govern. 

With all due respect to George Skarmeas, not a Texan, he has stated that “We cannot single out one moment in time.” However, the Alamo is about a brief period of time, a very crucial period for Texas—1836.

We are opposing the changes that are entailed in the proposed REIMAGINE THE ALAMO plan.

We encourage everyone who cares about the Alamo to strongly oppose George P. Bush’s plan and to inform every Texan that they possibly can about this dire situation.


Albert Seguin

Founder and President of The Seguin Family Historical Society

Texas City, Texas