Beginning this coming season, high school baseball pitchers will be limited to 110 pitcher per game, according to new regulations passed by the University Interscholastic League legislative council Monday.

The pitch count regulations state that all high school players — regardless of their age — will be limited to 110 pitches in a game. A player will also be limited to a total of 110 pitches total in a postseason series. If a game is postponed in such a way that a team must play back-to-back games, those games will be considered a series.

In the event that the limit comes in the middle of an at bat, a pitcher can finish that at bat. 

The regulations also include junior high school level baseball. Junior high players will be limited to a total of 85 pitches.

According to the UIL, players will be required to rest a certain amount of days based on the number of pitches they've thrown in a contest.  

Under the new regulations, the home team will designate an official pitch counter each game. That person will not be allowed in the dugout. He or she can meet with coaches or a team representative in between innings to verify the pitch counts. 

How teams must record pitches and any disputes or punishments for breaking the pitch count limits will be left to each individual district executive committee.

The UIL proposed a different pitch count limit based on age that was intended to be suggestion this year. However, the UIL was forced to speed up its proposal after the National Federation of State High School Associations mandated a pitch count for all its members starting with this season. Because of that it removed the age limit it pitched to its medical advisory committee earlier in October after National Federation of State High School Associations mandated a pitch count for all its members for this season. 

Pitch Counts 

High School Pitch Count (Grades 9 through 12):

• 0-30 pitches, 0 days rest

• 31-45 pitches, 1 day rest

• 46-65 pitches, 2 days rest

• 66-85 pitches, 3 days rest

• 86-110 pitches. 4 days rest

Junior High Pitch Count (Grades 7 and 8):

• 0-20 pitches, 0 days rest

• 21- 35 pitches, 1 day rest

• 36 - 50 pitches, 2 days rest

• 51 - 65 pitches, 3 days rest

• 66 - 85 pitches, 4 days rest