Here’s My Top 10; my weekly contribution to sports and everyday life around me. It’s basically what’s on my mind going into the weekend:

1. Alternate Facts: These are strange days my friend, and the scariest part is each day is seemingly wilder than the one before. From a mountain of resources and money proposed for a wall which will stand as more as a monument than a barrier to sweeping change with the stroke of a pen… strange days indeed.

2. McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast: Use it or lose it. McDonald’s groundbreaking idea of serving breakfast all day was big-time hit… at first. However, recent numbers show that fewer and fewer folks are ordering breakfast throughout the day, forcing the fast-food giant to rethink their menu.

3. Pro Bowl: One of those things I’d like to watch, but realistically, like everyone else, I won’t. I might watch a minute of it, but unless unforeseen circumstances leave me with absolutely not a thing to do Sunday, I’m not watching.

4. Drone Time: My Phantom and I are going up Sunday. Unfortunately, I don’t have as much free time as I’d like, which is a good thing. However, this means taking my beautiful drone up always gets pushed back. With any luck, maybe you’ll see our red and green lights above South Texas Sunday evening.

5. Tony Romo: In a perfect world, he stays in Dallas. In a more perfect world, he would have never been hurt in August and we’d all be preparing for a Dallas-New England Super Bowl. The fact is the Cowboys will likely trade the Pro Bowl quarterback. I’m thinking Houston, and now that someone tossed out the idea of a trading J.J. Watt for Tony, I'm liking the idea even more.

6. Still Waiting On Winter: Once again… seriously. It’s almost like spring outside, and a check of the forecast shows shorts weather for the next week.

7. Valentine’s: As a reminder, we’re about two and half weeks away.

8. San Antonio Spurs: At this time of year, you can always count on the Spurs getting hot. The Spurs, who are now 20-4 on the road after beating the Raptors, are the eighth team in NBA history to win at least 20 of their first 24 road games in one season according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

9. Rings: The Ring was horrifying, and after seeing the trailer for the sequel Rings, I think the franchise is just as creepy as ever. I won’t give away much, but the trailer does show Samara climbing out of a cell phone. No thank you.

10. Chicano Batman: They’ve been around for sometime, but I just heard of these guys thanks to their rendition of “This Land Is Your Land” for a Johnnie Walker commercial. They’re cool and have a unique sound.