The Crude City Roller Derby started their 2011 season by joining with three other teams from around the state to put on a bout dedicated to members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

The event, United Skates of America, took place Saturday at the Richard M. Borchard Regional Fairgrounds Central Pavilion Arena. Other teams participating in the match were the Rocket City Roller Girls, from Pasedena, Texas; Northside Fury Roller Derby, Spring; and the San Antonio Roller Derby, from San Antonio.

All skaters were mixed up into two separate squads — Team Brave, wearing red uniforms, and Team Freedom, wearing blue uniforms. Skater Frankie May Adair Ya of the San Antonio team sang the National Anthem, with each girl having the name of a veteran on their shirts.

Known as an intense sport, gameplay was stopped for several minutes as Frankie May was tended to by Robstown Emergency Medical Services personnel, leaving the arena on a stretcher.

“Most derby girls know when it’s a break,” Tricia Galvan of Crude City, who skates under the name Stormy Daze, said. “She has had a break before. We were thinking it was her shin. We’ll be checking on her at the hospital and hoping for the best.”

Despite the injury, gameplay resumed for the excited crowd.

Beginning their third year, Galvan is hoping for Crude City to continue to draw new fans in the area as the sport has slowly begun to have a global presence.

“I think (tonight) was successful,” Galvan said. “This was our first time having (fans) on the track (after the bout). We always have good crowds. Everybody gets along and has a good time.”

The bout ended with Team Brave scoring a 148-45 victory. While all skaters competed at a high level, there was a strong sense of friendship between the four teams who participated.

“(All these) teams love each other and left it all on the track,” Galvan said. “We all know what happens on the track, stays on the track.”