The head coach for the Calallen Wildcats' varsity boys basketball team resigned earlier this month, with a longtime assistant coach filling the vacancy, athletic director Phil Danaher said Tuesday.

Danaher said head coach Jeff Crews, who was hired by Danaher 26 years ago, resigned April 12 so that he and his wife could move closer to their children and grandchildren in San Antonio.

"He and his wife just stepped out on faith that they'll be able to find something up there," Danaher said, adding Crews had discussed stepping down the past two years to make the move.

Assistant coach Randy Lowrance has been named the head coach for the Calallen Wildcats. He has been with the district for 17 years, Danaher said.

"I think he'll be a good transition for us," he said. "He knows the kids and knows the program."

Danaher said Lowrance would likely make some changes to the Wildcats' style of play, but added he did not believe players should expect anything too dramatic.

"You know, I'm sure he's had some ideas over the years, but as an assistant, you just do what the coach tells you," Danaher said. "I would say he's going to make some (changes)."