The athletics program at Seale Junior High School in Robstown continues to give 'Pickers fans hope for the future as three of the school's four basketball teams won district titles in boys' basketball.

"It has been a long while since three teams out of four made district for junior high," Coach Adolfo Gonzalez said. "The last time they won district was maybe four years ago. They won in seventh 'A.' But for three teams out of four to win district, that's very good for the boys. They had a lot of confidence coming out of football. Most of them play football and they came out with the attitude that they can win."

The seventh grade "A" and "B" teams both finished the season with a perfect 10-0 record to capture district championships.

"We almost lost in West Oso in overtime, but we played our hardest in the last quarter and (got the victory)," seventh grade "A" team point guard Miguel Vasquez said.

The eighth grade "B" team also won district with a record of 8-2.

"We kind of messed up on our own," eighth grade "B" team power forward Adam Rodriguez said. "We got overconfident. We won eight games and then we lost the last two."

Along with Gonzalez, Hilario Morales, Tom Chavera and Roland De Alejandro coached the basketball teams.

"All of us worked the kids," Gonzalez said. "The coaching staff did real well and they've been working with the kids. We're real happy with the outcome of the season."

With basketball season over, Gonzalez said the students are now preparing for track.

"Their self esteem is high right now and they're improving in every skill from weights to running to their speed and their quickness," he said. "We're just trying to get them ready for high school, especially these eighth graders."

Gonzalez said the seventh grade students are also looking good for next year as Robstown prepares for a shorter district schedule following the recent realignment.

"It's going to be interesting to play with only five schools and we'll see what we can do next year with a smaller district," he said. "Hopefully, the more they win down here at this level, it'll give them confidence for when they get to high school and get them ready for basketball or any sport they play.

"It'll be less district games. What we'll have to do is pick up more non-district games, which we'll probably be playing against more of the 4A schools like G-P, Calallen and T-M."

Gonzalez said the benefit of competing with schools in a larger district is it will give his players a chance to match up to schools similar in size to Seale.

"At the junior high level, our numbers are kind of high, so we want to compete against other schools that have the same numbers we have," he said.