Few people realize how successful the Calallen Swim Team is or have been to a swim meet. However, the team has set new records for Calallen and the 31-4A district.

Many of these swimmers have years of experience through summer swim leagues and/or the year round swim league, Bay Edge Aquatic Team. This dedication, practice and performance has led to great accomplishments for this heartfelt team.

"At first it was a lot more challenging than summer swim leagues," freshman Britton Simpson said. "But as the season rolled on I adjusted to the difficulty."

No one really takes into account how challenging and difficult competitive swimming really is. It takes more than just a few practiced skills and techniques.

"Swimming isn't an easy sport," sophomore Colby Manning said. "It takes a lot of hard work and self discipline"

The team's goal this year is to get several swimmers to regionals and even state. So far, senior Wesley McCoy and junior Katharina Brands were this year's district male and female "Swimmer of the Year," respectively. Also, senior Sean Ponce was one of the top swimmers, placing second in the 100-yard backstroke and the 200-yard Individual Medley. McCoy and Ponce are also expected to go to state individually, along with taking part in the relay. Everyone is counting on their fastest times for the season in order to succeed at state.

"We have definitely progressed this year, because at the beginning everyone took it lightly," junior Kandyce Santos said. "But now we have been taking it a lot more seriously."

The season has been in force since October and is still going strong. All the swimmers have improved tremendously. The season has almost come to an end, but the team is already looking forward to next season with eager anticipation.

"The team has done quite well so far," senior Kaley Swallow said. "They are a lot more talented this year and have a great work ethic."

This swim team of 2010 is setting new goals and levels of performance for many future generations to come. Along with the new swimmers they have recruited this year, the team also looks forward to the new pool.

"The team is very excited about the pool that is being built," senior Sean Ponce said. "We are hoping that it will draw more swimmers to the sport here at Calallen."

Results From Regional

Wesley McCoy placed first in both the 50-meter Free and 100-meter Free, setting new region records in both and qualified for the state meet. He was also named Region Swimmer of the Year.

Sean Ponce placed first in the 200-meter Individual Medley, qualifying him for state, and second in the 100-meter backstroke.

Katharina Brands placed first in both the 100-meter freestyle and 100-meter backstroke, qualifying for the State Meet in both events.

Kelsey Silva placed second in 1-Meter Diving and also qualified for the state meet.

The Women's 200-meter Medley Relay team, which included Katharina Brands, Kandyce Santos, Betsy Riojas and Dana Russell, placed fourth.

The Women's 200-meter Freestyle Relay team, made up of Kandyce Santos, Betsy Riojas, Dana Russell and Amely Cardenas, placed fifth.

The Men's Medley Relay team, comprised of Wesley McCoy, Sean Ponce, Gerad Floyd and Colby Manning, placed fourth.

The Men's 200-meter Freestyle Relay team, which included Wesley McCoy, Sean Ponce, Colby Manning and Preston McNabb, placed third.

The Men's 400-meter Freestyle Relay team of Tony LaMantia, Colton Brandt, Corid Sanders, Taylor Adame and Brandon Bristow placed fourth.