Participants from across South Texas converged on Bishop's City Park April 26 for the Bishop Olde Tyme Faire 5K Run/2-Mile Walk.

Runners may have found themselves running with the ducks around scenic Lake LaCour and down Birch Avenue.

Gilbert Franke, who operated the control station for the event, said nine operators from the Wilde Horse Desert Hams provided communications.

Although the faire was postponed to May 3 due to heavy pre-dawn rain, the run/walk was held because many of the runners were already registered in other runs last weekend.

The nine hams monitored the progress of more than 50 participants as the course went around Lake LaCour and the Guess Nature Trail, and through some Bishop streets.

Hams who provided communications at critical crossings and intersections were Beth KD5KAD, Charles WB5IZD, Don K5DYY, Gil WB5RFQ, Joe KD5CZM, Leigh KE5MBA, Milton KE5LCX, Pat KD5STXD and Paul KA5WPK.

Another Wild Horse Desert Ham stopped by the control station during the exercise. Anse W5AEW brought his train over to provide rides to children at the faire.

Tom Wolter, the run/walk coordinator, expressed his appreciation for the amateur communications.

"It was really good to have them here," Wolter said. "I didn't have to worry about any of our participants getting hurt or making a wrong turn. I saw the hams were there, and I could go on and do everything else I had to do. Thanks for a job well done."

The event has become an annual WHDH activity, providing good exposure in the Bishop community, an opportunity to practice getting ready and operating skills, and a public service.

This year some of the fun was missing because the WHDH demonstration booth and Pat's craft display had to be postponed or cancelled.