Robstown High School Athletic programs have flourished the past few years, and many have pointed to the recent drop for the school from Class 4A to 3A as a reason.

However, while that drop has helped major sports such as football, baseball and softball, it has made it difficult for the school district to support a few other programs.

Athletic Director Rick Gonzalez recently drafted a cost survey of all athletic programs, which he plans to submit to the school board.

In it, he recommends cutting five programs for next school year, including boys and girls soccer, wrestling, golf and tennis at Seale Junior High School.

“The programs we looked at were ones which we were still hanging onto since we left 4A,” Gonzalez said. “A lot of these programs had low participation and didn’t have sub-varsity teams.”

He mentioned that some of the programs struggled both in participation, as well as competition. Gonzalez referred to the soccer and wrestling programs being placed in districts with larger 4A and 5A schools, despite having other sports in 3A districts.

“It was a reverse from what we see in our other sports,” Gonzalez said. “Our baseball and softball programs had so much participation, we were able to have two full sub-varsity teams.”

Gonzalez believes that the cuts will benefit the budget and eventually help the district’s other programs.

“The participation has been strong in all other major sports,” he said. “We’re still one of the bigger schools in our district, and that means we should continue to succeed.”