A San Diego man who allegedly robbed a Robstown convenience store at knifepoint this month reportedly did so to purchase illegal drugs in Robstown.

Alejandro Lopez III, 41, was arrested at an apartment complex in Alice Monday morning on an outstanding warrant for aggravated robbery.

He was arraigned in Alice and transported to the Robstown Police Department where he was interviewed by Robstown detectives and later taken to the Nueces County Jail on the aggravated robbery charge.

Robstown police had said a Hispanic man walked into Amanda's Stop N Go at 309 Messer Ave. in Robstown at about 9:55 p.m. Dec. 1 while wearing a red bandana covering his nose and mouth.

Police said the man displayed a pocketknife in his right hand and demanded that the store clerk open the cash register. The female clerk opened the register and the robber reached over and grabbed approximately $400 in cash, police said.

The robber reportedly walked out of the store and headed north on foot. He was described as a 5-foot-10-inch Hispanic man weighing about 215 pounds with a medium build, broad shoulders, medium complexion, dark hair with a little white hair, and tattoos on both arms.

Robstown police said store surveillance video helped identify the robber as Lopez and a warrant was soon issued for his arrest on the charge of aggravated robbery, with a $60,000 bond.

Lopez was spotted by Alice police Monday morning at an government apartment complex at 1000 Pierce St. He was discovered after his car was found on Grace and Pierce streets near the complex at about 10 a.m.

"He was hiding between some vehicles," said officer Jason Charles of the Alice Police Department's gang unit division. "We were making contact with a couple of people in the unit and he poked out his head at the wrong time."

Lopez was arrested on the Nueces County warrant while wearing flannel pajamas. Police said he may be connected to other robberies, including some in Alice.

"Our main objective was to arrest the person that committed the robbery," said Alice Police Chief Danny Bueno. "With the holiday season, we are going to experience more robberies in the area."

Robstown Police Chief Johnny Brown informed the Robstown City Council of Lopez's arrest Monday night, while shedding light on why Lopez allegedly decided to commit an armed robbery in Robstown.

Brown said that Lopez stated he came to Robstown because Lopez felt "We have the best heroin in the world."

"Right now it may be, but it won't be for long," Brown said, while informing the City Council of six recent drug-related arrests in Robstown.

The Alice Echo-News Journal contributed to this report.