Did you see the Rose Bowl last week? It was great. All right, so maybe it was not that great. After all, only one team showed up.

The USC Trojans were heavily favored over the Illinois Fighting Illini.

The Rose Bowl is considered as the grandaddy of all BCS bowl games, and rightfully so.

Its prestige has been home to some of the most memorable games ever, but after the Fighting Illini got beat, 49-17, the Trojans proved not only that they were a better team, but they finished the college season as one of the best teams with an 11-2 final record.

When the Trojans came into the Rose Bowl, they were ranked No. 7, but they were still praised as one of the best teams playing in one of the five BCS matchups.

All this praise for USC is great, and they really deserve it. However, what they do not deserve is something that has been swirling around the media rumor mill - a share of the national title.

Are you kidding me?

I understand that the Trojans are a great team, but this whole hype about them being the best has got to end.

There was some debate on which two loss teams deserved to make the BCS Championship Game.

It made sense that the LSU Tigers got the bid because of their tough schedule, and being in the SEC Conference doesn't hurt your chances either.

USC had somewhat of a tough schedule, but compared to LSU, who beat more top-25 teams that anybody else this season, the Trojans have nothing to argue about.

One USC loss was against a former credible opponent, the Oregon Ducks.

The Ducks were once a heavily favored title contender. They had an incredible dual threat in quarterback Dennis Dixon who could run the ball as well as he could pass.

However, it was USC's stunning loss against the less-than-medicore Stanford Cardinal that did them in.

There is no question about it. The Trojans should not even think that they should share the national title.

I get tired of the Trojans always acting like they are high and mighty. The only time I felt sorry for them was back in 2004.

That was when the BCS screwed up big time. No big surprise, since the BCS has always been criticized for getting it wrong.

USC was ranked No.1 in the now-irrelevant Associated Press Poll.

Back then, the poll made a difference, but it did not do much, as they were ousted by the BCS.

They were the first No. 1 team to not play for the championship.

Oklahoma and LSU were invited, despite Oklahoma losing to underdog Kansas State, 35-7, in the Big 12 Championship.

USC was able to win the Associated Press title after they won their Rose Bowl match up.

After convincingly beating Oklahoma the following year, 55-19, the Trojans looked dominant, heading into the 2005 season.

With the return of Heisman winning quarterback Matt Leinart and Heisman hopeful running back Reggie Bush, many jumped the gun saying that this team was going to win their third straight national title.

I thought it was foolish for people to say this team was going for its third straight title when the Trojans clearly did not even make the title game two years before.

I know the BCS majorly messed up, but the bottom line is they did not play for the BCS title.

Back to the 2005 season, USC looked like a major force. They practically ran over every opponent with the exception of that memorable match-up against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

The same year, the Texas Longhorns were on the same roll. They beat every opponent and finished the season undefeated.

Despite, both teams finishing without a loss, USC was favored as both went to the Rose Bowl to play for the national title.

Hardly anybody saw Texas pulling it off.

Once again, USC was the main topic. Everybody kept praising the Trojans while the Longhorns just waited for their moment.

The Longhorns got the last laugh by pulling an amazing come-from-behind victory over USC.

Yet, some members of USC's squad still thought they were the better team.

I'm sorry, but when you lose in the championship game, the better team is the one with the higher score.

I may be shooting myself in the foot for this, but the blame is on the media who love to place their lips on the rear ends of the Trojans.

Yes, I said it.

I get so sick and tired of watching another edition of ESPN Sportscenter or College Gameday and seeing them always brag about how USC is the best team.

My favorite was hearing one sports broadcaster claiming that there was not a single team that the Trojans will lose to this year.

I am sure we have made some bold predictions.

In fact, I am one that likes to make some predictions out in left field, but for someone to think that there is one football team that is not vulnerable is just laughable.

USC always gets the boost from preseason polls every single season. Most of the time they are deserving, but if they do manage to make the preseason No. 1 ranking when the 2008 season begins, I might just throw up.

The Trojans are a great team, but they are not the best.

A team should only be considered as the best if they finish on top. USC did not finish on top, and the thought of it being considered should end right now.

Hey, the Kansas Jayhawks finished with just one loss. I would rather see them argue for a share of the title, but we can't allow that to happen because they are a weaker team.

USC beat the No. 13 team. Kansas beat the No. 3 team. Where is their consideration?

The Trojans have to prove they belong on top.

They did not do it this year, so they should let go of this fantasy of sharing the national title.