Unity, not sarcasm, needed

I lived in Robstown for most of my childhood life and never have I seen so much political turmoil. The city council, the mayor's office and the Robstown school board need to work together to bring unity to Robstown.

I graduated from Robstown High School and after reading your article, "RISD to consider two more new schools," it saddens me to read about the board members' mentality.

What is it with all the controversy in building two new schools that will only better the educational environment for all students, when the state will give you 75 percent of the money - free?

This is a no-brainer. Why bicker over our children's education? There is no need for sarcastic remarks. After all, you did advocate yourself as (being) "children first," but obviously your slogan has been forgotten and you are only trying to make yourself look good.

Hilda Molina