I have always believed in my special guardian angel. Even as a child, my belief was a very special part of my development and maturity. It became that special someone that you cannot see but you trust to keep you safe.

It was my security blanket. This was someone I could count on that I could not see. I did not need to see my angel; I had strong faith instilled in me by my parents.

Many times in my life things have happened to me that have resulted in my being safe or saved from harm because of that strong belief in my guardian angel. It is probably a big part of my spiritual upbringing thanks to my wonderful parents.

To me, my angel takes human form or becomes part of that human emitting positive energy that allows them to do good deeds. People that I have not even met in person have done angelic deeds for my well-being.

While working on a job in the Dallas/Denton area, I met two more representations of my ever-present guardian angel. To me, my assigned angel is everywhere because it is part of my daily expectations. I believe that if you expect negative things to happen to you, they will happen and probably more often than you would really want them to.

I expect positive things to happen to me. I am not saying that negative events never happen to me - that is life - but I will say that my life balance has more positive events happen.

I reflect about the human angel representatives that I met in the Dallas/Denton area. One was an experienced unit clerk and one was a tenured worker III. Both had goodness and goodwill in common. It does not matter who was who, but I must tell you their first names; Gaye and Judy.

They made a huge positive impact to me in my working days at that office.

At that time, I had not been assigned a mentor, yet. The unit clerk became kind of protective of me. She guided me to the directions that I needed to be aware of to perform my duties. She told me where the printer, the Xerox, the phone user codes, the supply room, the restrooms, and the break room were, in short the layout of the land or office.

She provided me with the supplies that I could not locate. She always had a smile and pleasant helping hand to aid my productivity. She printed and provided me with a copy of the handbook sections that I needed to perform my tasks.

These great ladies had many other duties that they had to perform. The worker III had just recovered from surgery and was scheduled to have more surgery done while I was still working at that office.

This worker III's leadership was as effective as the clerk and just as generous. These ladies would answer my questions and provide positive feedback. They had many duties but continued to help me, which made my performance effective and efficient as a worker.

Thank you very much.

Joe-Santos Medina is a resident of Robstown. Readers may contact him via email at