The mother of a man slain at his place of employment has filed a wrongful death suit against the store's owner.

Robert Robinson, 26, of Beeville was killed June 12 while working the night shift at the Adult Video store on Suntide Road. A second store employee found Robinson's body in the morning. He had been shot in the head at close range.

While police are still investigating the murder, the slain clerk's mother, Illa Stovall, has filed a lawsuit against Larry Goodin and AVE Inc., which owns the store in which Robinson was killed.

Stovall claims neither Goodin nor the store's parent company provided a "reasonably safe workplace" for Robinson, adding that the store did not have security cameras, security personnel or systems, or "anything else to protect (Robinson) while he was at work."

The slain clerk's mother says she has suffered from mental anguish in the past and future, as well as the loss of companionship, society and household services, and is suing for monetary compensation.

Stovall's attorney, Clay Bonilla, said it could be up to a year before the case heads to court, if at all.

"That's just the way these things are," Bonilla said.

In a response received Wednesday, Goodin has denied all of Stovall's claims and is seeking to have a trial by jury.