I have had the privilege and honor to have several conversations with many of our migrant parents. Some people have the misconception that being a migrant would provide opportunities to see the world.

In speaking with our migrant population, I have heard stories of how a migrant family loads up in a car and travels to far away places, only to see the world wisp through the windows, never having time to sight see the great sights the Good Lord has provided us with.

These families have to be at a job site by a certain day, hence preventing them from doing anything but travel to get to their destination on time.

One of our many goals for the Robstown Independent School District is to change this and provide our migrant students with the opportunities to take time and take in "the views." This year the migrant students will be provided with many opportunities to go beyond the regular classroom to learn the TEKS.

They will be exposed to places beyond their dreams, such the Holocaust Museum and the Johnson Space Center in Houston. The secondary campuses have great plans for their migrant students this summer. Their plans include studying and visiting the Lone Star Flight Museum and the Railroad Museum, both located at Galveston. Other areas of interest that will be studied are the Alamo, Career Camp at Sea World, the Texas State Aquarium, Physics Day at Fiesta Texas, and a government/history unit of study in Washington D.C.

Since graduating as many students as possible and encouraging them to attend post secondary education is also one of our goals, the secondary campuses will also take a group of students to participate in a one-week college awareness program at Texas A&M University - Kingsville.

The purpose of the program is to provide, individualized tutorial sessions, career awareness and to expose students to cultural/educational trips. Once the students complete the program, the university will monitor the students throughout the rest of their education, including sending a tutor to their home to help with any kind of tutoring needed.

If those students choose to attend TAMUK, the university will help find grants to pay for tuition and dorm, as well as provide work-study opportunities to help their parents with their child's educational expenses. Upon graduation, TAMUK will provide career placement.

The elementary campuses have also planned great educational experiences for their students. Students will study TAKS through camps at their campus. The finishing touch to the camps will be educational field trips to the place of study.

Field trips include Sea Camp at the Texas State Aquarium, the Alamo, the Lexington, visits to the Texas Cultural Art Museum, the San Antonio Zoo and NASA's Johnson Space Center. Ten elementary students will travel to Washington D.C. to study history and social studies along with 18 secondary students.

The Robstown ISD migrant program will sponsor all camps and field trips and parents will not incur any cost. We hope to continue these types of educational activities yearly.

Roberto Garcia is the superintendent for the Robstown Independent School District. Readers may contact him via telephone at 767-6600, ext. 2223.