So March Madness has finished and I have what is called the Sheet of Depression as my bracket turned into shambles.

What a great season it has been for college basketball. But for most of the players that are used to hitting the books as well as the courts, it may be time for them to start hitting the bank as well.

To nobody's surprise, a lot of underclassmen are looking forward to forgoing the rest of college in order to become the next big thing in the NBA.

Of course we are not really sure who is going and who is not, but I figured I would prematurely make my picks in my first-ever NBA Mock Draft.

Now, I am fully aware that I have not been on a roll making predictions lately. But hey, I'm a sports writer, not Nostradamus.

After watching the tournament, there have been players whose stock has gone up, and then there are some players who are probably considering another year to do better.

Oh how easy it would be to pick up Stephen Curry from Davidson, but sure enough the sophomore wants one more year before he makes any drastic decisions. Let's hope the top scorer in the tournament doesn't do any damage to himself next year.

If he performs as well as he did in the tournament next season, there is no doubt that he will be a top-5 pick.

As for those who are practically said and done, let's peak at the rundown, OK?

The Miami Heat look favored to gain the No. 1 spot.

The obvious pick is power forward Michael Beasley from Kansas State, but I think the Heat are in need of some extra size. This team needs a center, so why not Brook Lopez of Stanford?

The 7-footer was the man for the Cardinal, scoring 19.3 points per game with 8.2 rebounds and 2.1 blocks per game. How can you pass this player up? Although the Heat are trying to make rookie center Joel Anthony work, I don't think he is going to make it.

Plus, I don't think 77-year-old Alonzo Mourning has enough left in the tank.

The Seattle Supersonics look poised to get the No. 2 pick. This team needs a point guard. One that smells like a rose - Derrick Rose that is. The Memphis Tiger point guard had an outstanding freshman year averaging 15 points with close to five rebounds and five assists per game. Although Texas Longhorn D.J. Augustin has better numbers, I don't think Seattle will have patience for a 5-foot-11 point guard.

Rose has more size and more potential to make him the prime choice for the Sonics.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are usually the team under the radar, but after seeing how sad this team looks this year, how can they not be overlooked?

This is when Beasley comes into play. Let's put the 6-foot-10 freshman at small forward. He has an outside shot (38 percent from the 3-point range) and he can do some damage inside, scoring 26.2 points and averaging 12 rebounds per game. They can not pass this guy up. Although he will easily be taken by Miami (pending Miama getting the No. 1 pick in the lottery), everybody and their mom wants this guy.

The potential No. 4 pick could go to the New York Knicks.

There are too many people shaking their heads left and right when I talk about these sad excuses for basketball players. Point guard Stephon Marbury looks to be on the way out after upsetting the organization, but what do you expect when you're working with the Spawn of Satan…I mean coach Isaiah Thomas. I think what this team needs is a little mayo. USC's O.J. Mayo should win an award for best person named O.J. that didn't kill anybody. The shooting guard challenged Beasley at one point for the best freshman player, but Beasley proved he was better when the two faced off in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

Mayo's 20.7 points per game and 41 percent 3-point shooting should at least make New York improve.

I wouldn't jump the gun and say they will be credible, but at least they will win a little more.

The last team I will look at is the Memphis Grizzlies.

They looked like a team that could have been a contender. With guards Mike Miller, Rudy Gay and Mike Conley Jr., this team bombed this season. Plus it doesn't help that thier star center Pau Gasol was traded to the L.A. Lakers.

It's time for some size up front. When you have Andre Brown, Darko Milicic and Kwame Brown trying to help you at the post, it makes me want to cry.

Connecticut Huskie center Hasheem Thabeet could be the man for the job. He's got size, and a lot of it.

The 7-foot-3 sophomore can score (10.5 per game), rebound (7.9 per game) and man can he block (4.5 per game).

The Grizzlies need this guy, because Kwame doesn't look like he is going to be a superstar anytime soon. Seven years later, Michael Jordan is still beating himself in the head for drafting Brown.

Other players to keep an eye out for in the draft that will probably do some damage next year are Augustin, Brandon Rush from Kansas, Robin Lopez of Stanford, Chris Douglas-Roberts of Memphis and Kevin Love from UCLA.

Again, most of these players have not confirmed that they will be in the draft this year, but these are the best of the best right now.

This is just me putting my two cents in. I know that I have shot myself in the foot this year with my March Madness bracket, but luckily I didn't do too much damage so I can walk it off.

Juan Carlos Reyes is a sports reporter for the Record Star. Readers may contact him at 361-387-4511 or via email at