Six Calallen High School students are spending the remainder of their senior years in a disciplinary setting after they allegedly came to school intoxicated last month during an apparent infection of senioritis.

The Calallen school board met in executive session about the incident on April 7 and upheld the disciplinary action imposed by superintendent Arturo Almendarez.

Almendarez said the five boys and one girl would all graduate as planned, with no further disciplinary action.

"We had some students in high school that had been under the influence of alcohol at the high school," Almendarez said. "Unfortunately, they are all just a bunch of really good kids that made a silly mistake."

The incident occurred March 5 when the high school was administering Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills tests. Seniors were allowed to report to school late that day because they weren't being tested.

A teacher suspected that one of the senior students was under the influence of alcohol and administrators began investigating the matter.

"A teacher suspected one kid, and it just grew from there," Almendarez said. "I know that some of them had been out fishing."

Eight students were administered Intoxalizer tests and six of the students tested positive. The two students that did not test positive for alcohol were not disciplined, the superintendent said.

Almendarez said there is no legal threshold for alcohol consumption in a school setting, and any alcohol in any student's system is a violation of school policy.

The disciplined students will spend their last several weeks of high school in the Disciplinary Alternative Education program where they will be instructed in a single classroom all school day.

"It's tough because truly all of them are great kids," Almendarez said.

The superintendent said the disciplined students weren't acting out of control, and there was no need to involve outside police.

"We have our own security officers," Almendarez said. "None of the kids were belligerent or acting up, it just so happened that one of the students acted differently and it went from there.

"None of them were actually misbehaving, except one of them was acting suspiciously."