Library opening memorable event

To all of the wonderful visitors and guests that were able to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Keach Family Library this past weekend, I share with each of you what a beautiful event it was for all of us to be a part of.

The minute you walk into this beautiful structure, it immediately resonates and personifies a feeling of grandeur that echoes beyond the walls that encase this specially structured library located at the west end of the Richard M. Borchard Regional Fairgrounds complex.

The history of the entire Keach family, decades and decades of everlasting passion and true, sincere (community involvement) within the Coastal Bend area, speaks for itself.

But, I would like to share with all who read this (letter) that, speaking for my dear departed father, who was a very special friend of Sam Keach, he would simply say that to be a part of this wonderful vision years ago, to see the fruition of the library in full completion today, echoes the true gift of reading and educational possibilities that go way beyond the walls of the Keach Family Library.

It instead channels the mentoring messages of so many, including the Keach Family, for all of us to live with the footprints of all of our past and present loving mentors and for all of us to continue to grow together for the successful legacy of tomorrow's generations to live by daily.

What a special blessing to be a part of in the wonderful community of Robstown.

Ron B. Benavides

Corpus Christi

Children to benefit from new facility

It was with great pride and joy that I was able to attend, as many others did, the opening ceremonies for the Keach Family Library in Robstown Saturday.

It's a beautiful facility and one that will serve as an educational foundation and resource for the citizens of Robstown and the surrounding area.

Imagine the mind of a seventh-grader who turns the pages of a book or uses a computer to read and learn about topics and subjects that used to be far-reaching. Or, picture a storytelling hour in Pop Pop's Place with a group of kindergarten kids who are listening to stories about interesting people and places they've never been exposed to. Those thoughts certainly came into my mind as I toured the library.

Yes, the Keach Family Library is a beautiful building. But what really matters is that within its four walls it will become a wonderful haven for creative imaginations to be explored and the human mind to be nurtured for generations to come.

Venancio Figueroa III


Tips for stadium management

I'd like to throw out some suggestions for the new management of our professional baseball club in Robstown that could make the fans' attendance a more enjoyable one.

Women want to find the restrooms clean and stocked with toilet tissue right up to the last inning. I saw spider eggs at the bottom of stalls on opening day last year and weeks later.

Keep the concourse clean. All staff should pick up anything, anytime they are walking around.

Have programs available at the start of the season and provide free score sheets.

Put the players' names on the backs of their shirts so we can get to know them. Encourage them to be available for autographs before the game starts.

Monitor how your staff wears their uniforms. No low hanging shorts please.

Hire more mature ushers to maintain control of teens gathering in large groups and of children running all around. The ushers should be old enough to feel comfortable telling fans to control their foul language when necessary.

Lower the volume on the sound effects, especially the breaking glass. Please no rock and rap at a baseball game.

Have the staff available at the start of the game and during it to meet and greet the fans.

With the exception of adding names to the uniforms and providing score sheets, none of these suggestions would increase your cost of doing business, but they could increase and maintain your attendance?

Welcome to the Corpus Christi Beach Dawgs and a new baseball season.

Lynda Whitton

Corpus Christi