A half dozen Calallen High School parents complained about the resignation of the boys soccer coach last week, while eight others complained to the school board about the results of the recent varsity cheerleading tryouts.

Boys soccer coach Chad Scholz submitted his resignation April 7 after leading the program for two years. The school board accepted his resignation that night, but not after several parents complained at the April 7 school board meeting about the athletic director allegedly slighting the soccer program.

Parent Russell Wyatt asked the school board why Scholz turned in his resignation. No explanation was offered.

Valerie Wyatt followed Russell Wyatt and came to tears during her speech. She said athletic director Phil Danaher doesn't care about soccer and "has run out many people."

Parent Mary Bryson also came to tears and other speakers also spoke highly of Scholz.

Superintendent Arturo Almendarez said after the meeting that he understood the passion of the soccer moms and dads in support of Scholz.

Almendarez said, however, that he did not agree with their assessment of the soccer program's lack of importance to the athletic director.

"That's not true. The A.D. has always supported all sports, regardless of what people think," Almendarez said.

Some parents complained that the boys soccer team doesn't practice or play at Wildcat Stadium.

Almendarez said the boys soccer team has played at Calallen Middle School because Scholz's predecessor preferred the flat middle school field, instead of the crowned field at Wildcat Stadium.

In other news, several parents complained to the school board about the varsity cheerleading program after two veteran cheerleaders did not make the 2008-09 squad for their senior years.

Kevin McDonald said the high school cheerleading program "abandons seniors."

McDonald said his daughter had a documented back injury during tryouts held last month for next school year's squad and his daughter should have been retained.

Junior Samantha McDonald said she had been a cheerleader since the seventh grade and she "got kicked off basically in my senior year."

McDonald said she enjoyed being a role model to younger girls and she didn't know what other extracurricular activities she could do in her senior year, saying she isn't ready for other sports.

"It affects little girls at the fence. It affects the community," McDonald said, while choking up. "I know I'm OK now and life goes on. But what else am I supposed to do? That's my question.

"Things need to be changed and looked into for the other girls."

McDonald told the newspaper after her speech that she felt her back injury sustained while cheerleading last season hampered her during tryouts late last month.

"I could barely get up in the morning I had such pain," McDonald said. "Girls in the past that have been hurt have got to keep their spots. This year, two seniors didn't make it. Paige Williams was also on the varsity squad her junior year and she also didn't make it like me."

Both Williams and McDonald have been Calallen cheerleaders since the seventh grade.

"They don't give you a reason," McDonald said. "They just said you didn't make it."

As a compromise, Almendarez said McDonald and Williams were offered positions on the junior varsity cheerleading squad, but both girls declined.

The school board took no action regarding the cheerleading complaints.

Almendarez said he did not support enlarging the varsity cheerleading team to accommodate one or both of the disgruntled cheerleaders because it would have set a bad example for girls trying out for the squad in the future.