After more than 20 years of providing movies to the residents of western Nueces County, Five Star Cinema at Five Points officially closed its doors last week.

Galen Jansky, the owner of the business since 2002, said sluggish ticket sales and rising deficits over the past year had led to the difficult decision to shut down the theater.

"It wasn't able to stand on its own," Jansky said. "We got to the point where we kept losing money and couldn't afford to do it anymore, so we had to close the doors."

Jansky said the problems that haunted the theater were cyclical, as the aging theater brought fewer ticket sales, and fewer ticket sales prevented him from updating the facilities.

"That theater is old. It's outdated. We don't have stadium seating, we don't have big screens. The building is just run-down, it's in bad shape," Jansky said. "There were many reasons why we did what we had to do."

Another factor, Jansky said, was that rising gas prices forced local residents to re-evaluate where they spent their money.

"With gas prices being near $4 a gallon for awhile, people just weren't driving to the theater anymore," Jansky said. "Our business is a want, not a need. When it comes to spending $40 at the movie or putting $40 worth of gas in your car, you're going to put gas in your car so you can get to work."

Although he said he believes there is a need for a movie theater to service the residents of Robstown, Annaville and Calallen, Jansky said he has no plans to re-open the theater at its Five Points location or to move to another location at this time.