I'm building two gates to stop my mind from wandering. The gates will keep our grandchildren and godson from running out through the open driveway. No more setting up a temporary driveway entrance barricade with the cumbersome plastic lattice.

We shopped for the gates and hardware. That meant gate wheels, gate strap hinges, miscellaneous screw sizes, bolts, nuts, washers and lock-washers. I used my electric drill with metal bits, and borrowed other tools as needed.

My cousin, Andy, agreed to help me with this two-man job. I knew this would take four to eight hours out of our Saturday. This project started slow and evolved in order to make the gates sturdy and long lasting. We carefully made practical changes as the finishing point got closer.

The benefit would be evident when we play basketball, since the gates could be closed for safety and assist in keeping the basketball inside the property. Gates meant no more running to the driveway exit to get the basketball.

Cadence had spent Friday night to visit with Grandma. Our godson also visited Saturday to enjoy a play day with his cousin. They are like brother and sister and get along very well. They have very few and infrequent disagreements. They played with the paint set, the toys, at the swing, saw cartoons and ate.

Andy and I worked on the gate to keep the children from running into harm's way when playing on the swing, while we play hoops or just hang out in the back yard. On our breaks from our task, I would get tired just watching the kids running and laughing and talking and pretending and jumping inside the house with Grandma.

I had to keep my focus on the completion of the two gates that would keep the stray dogs and animals out and safely keep our children in our yard. Don't you fret any, dear reader, I did get my turn at dressing one of Cadence's dolls. It is an expectation and part of the grandparent's job description. I tried to limit my inside the house breaks except for when it was time to have lunch and dinner.

It is amazing that any job can turn out to be longer and more complex than you plan. One thinks, looks and studies the work to be done. However, it happened that I needed a bigger bit to drill the holes for the bolts on the metal post that hold the gate. The hinge bolts were too long and had to be exchanged, which meant another trip to Home Depot to finish this job.

The completed gates work well. Now my plan is to bring a permanent new resident play pal for the kids. He will guard the yard, our plants and trees. That will be a coming attraction soon. His name is Shivers.

He used to shiver as a puppy, hence the name. More responsibility but the grandchildren and our godson will love it, too.

Joe-Santos Medina is a resident of Robstown. Readers may contact him via email at joesantosm@hotmail.com.