Democratic incumbent Abel Herrero faced a tough Republican opponent while seeking reelection, but voters chose to send the Robstown native to a third term in Austin as the District 34 State Representative.

Herrero, who was elected in 2004 after knocking off incumbent Jaime Capelo to win the Democratic nomination, defeated Republican Connie Scott Tuesday, 53 percent to 47 percent.

"We're thankful and grateful to the voters for giving us the opportunity to continue representing them," Herrero said.

The Democratic incumbent said he was glad voters seemed to brush away the negative ads put out by his opponent and the Nueces County Republican Party in order to cast their ballots.

"I think the voters spoke loud and clear, that they are interested in candidates and officials who talk about the issues and the important things they have in their everyday lives, like healthcare and reducing property taxes," Herrero said.

The Robstown native is the most senior state representative of the three-member delegation, all Democrats, from South Texas. The other members included District 33 State Rep. Solomon Ortiz Jr., who held off two challengers Tuesday to return to Austin, and District 35 State Rep. Juan Garcia III.

Garcia, however, will not retain his seat after being defeated Tuesday by Republican challenger Todd Hunter, 55 percent to 41.5 percent. Libertarian candidate Lenard Nelson gained 3.5 percent.

Herrero said he will continue to work closely with his constituents to measure their needs and concerns, while also working on pushing through legislation to increase teacher pay, create easier access to affordable healthcare and reducing property taxes and windstorm insurance premiums.

"We're going to do the same thing as before," Herrero said. "We're going to work on constituent issues and we will continue to talk and communicate with them on the matters that are important to them and their children."