Corpus Christi voters unanimously approved a massive $153 million bond package Tuesday that was spread out among seven propositions, some of which contained projects that aimed to improve roads and public facilities in Northwest Corpus Christi.

Proposition One, which contained 31 road and street improvement projects, was approved by voters, with 74 percent in favor of the proposal to 26 percent against.

The proposition included $5 million for Americans with Disabilities improvements around the city, as well as about $1 million for the expansion of County Road 52 as a relief route in Northwest Corpus Christi.

An additional $800,000 for a road, County Road 69, adjacent to County Road 52 is also included in Proposition One. The project's aim is to improve the road section, but leave it designed as a rural road section. Other road and street upgrades throughout the Annaville and Calallen areas are part of Proposition One, as well.

Proposition Two, which has about $6.3 million in improvements to the city's various fire departments, was also approved by voters, with 76 percent voting in favor and 24 percent agains.

Nearly $400,000 of that money will be used for the renovation of Fire Station 12, at 2120 Rand Morgan Road. Some of the improvements will include improving the station's mechanical, electrical and plumbing to improve the quality of life and operational cost of the facility, as well as the addition of increased storage at the station.

The Northwest Branch Library in Annaville will benefit from a $100,000 purchase of additional land to be used for further expansion, which was one project listed under Proposition Five. That proposition, totaling $3.1 million, was approved by voters, 63 percent to 37 percent.

The extra space will be used to construct a nature area and butterfly garden to expand the new theme of the library, as constructed last year with funds from the 2004 bond election.

Additional improvements may include a driveway, parking, fencing and other necessary items, but will be dependent on how much funding is available for the work.

The other four propositions part of the city's $153 million bond package were approved by voters, as well.