Several students at Lotspeich Elementary School in Robstown have been awarded certificates for the Voyager Reading Program "Ticket to Read." Through the program, students are required to log onto a Web site to read stories and answer comprehension questions. Tickets are awarded based on the number of stories read.

The following students received more than 1,000 tickets each.

First grade: Elicya Garcia, 1,040; Simon Carrillo, 1,090; Sierra Longoria, 3,370; and Lance Rodriguez, 1,590. Second grade: Jacob Flores, 1,000; Noah Rios, 5,420; Cosme Williams, 6,360; and Ethan Hinojosa, 3,270. Third Grade: Isaias Padilla, 3,590; Noah Ceballos, 2,270; Gabriela Vela, 2,270; Maya Williams, 1,360; Aaliyah De Los Santos, 1,310; Miranda Favela, 1,140; and Omar Villarreal, 2,690. Fourth Grade: Mylissa Hernandez, 1,540; Kayla Espinoza, 8,470; Caleb Vasquez, 6,020; and Jamie Silguero, 5,680.