The Tuloso-Midway Independent School District recently showed off a pair of completed projects that were part of the district's $27.4 million bond election from about three years ago.

Over 100 attendees visited Tuloso-Midway High School on May 14 in order to participate in a ribbon cutting ceremony for the facility's new tennis courts and science lab addition. Students officially began using both on Monday, school officials said.

Members of the high school choir sang for the participants, which included representatives from city, state and county levels of government. Precinct 1 Nueces County Commissioner Mike Pusley, who served on the district's bond committee before the 2006 election, spoke at the event.

"It's great when you have the community involved with things like this," Pusley said of the event. "Our schools are a source of pride for this community and I'm proud to have been part of the process."

Pusley said that since 1997, the TMISD has issued more than $60 million in bonds, an investment that would pay off in the future.

"Its return on investment to this community is incalculable," Pusley said.

TMISD Board of Trustees president Paul Mostella said he was glad to see the district's residents out in force to celebrate the opening of the new facilities.

"This was a wonderful opportunity, I think, for the community to not only hear about it, but to see it," Mostella said. "It gives everyone an opportunity to awe at all the work the contractor did and for the community to see what their taxes are paying for."

Superintendent Cornelio Gonzalez said he is looking forward to having future generations of students being able to make use of the work that has been done.

"We are very excited that the community has reacted with pride to seeing the results o this dream become a reality," Gonzalez said. "We know this is going to serve the students in this area for many years to come."

Other ceremonies like the one that took place last week are scheduled to occur throughout the year as the district wraps up other bond projects, Gonzalez has said.