Since the start of the school year, things have been going fast and furious for me at the newspaper. Covering football and volleyball for four different schools can be pretty hectic. Pair that with our recent office move to the SPID location and you can see how I haven't had much time to interact and embrace the things that make our communities great.

I was reminded of how awesome the people of Robstown can be at this past weekend's boxing match at the American Bank Center.

With Team Gutierrez boxing showcasing brothers Bobby Vela and Greg Gutierrez, Robstown was certainly present and rowdy amongst the crowd of 6,000.

I wasn't terribly pleased with the booing of Gutierrez's opponent, DuShawn Williams. But I know that the reaction wasn't out of hatred, but out of hurt that Gutierrez suffered his first professional loss.

For me, it was the second time I got to see Gutierrez fight in his young career. My first reaction was that he had a bright future, but was still very young. He carries an aggressive style that can definitely match stronger competition.

This time around, victory wasn't in the cards for Robstown's hometown hero. It wasn't that his opponent was necessarily a better fighter. It wasn't that Gutierrez wasn't ready for facing his toughest challenge. It was simply Williams' night, something Gutierrez admitted afterwards.

Fresh off the agony of defeat, few could carry themselves as well as he did following the fight. He was a good sport and embraced the opponent who mocked him mid-fight. He didn't run to the locker room to get away. Instead he went to the crowd to shake hands with all the supporters who came out to see him. He didn't dodge the media when they asked him what went wrong. Instead, he fielded their questions, saying that he is still learning.

Despite the loss, there is still plenty of pride coming from Robstown for Gutierrez. They are represented by a solid individual. At only 20 years old, there is still plenty of growing for the young fighter.

A few days after the fight, I received a text message from Greg. He asked me to let the people of Robstown know that he was sorry he let them down. Their cheers are what gave him the strength to get back up and he promised he would make a comeback.

I certainly wasn't going to let him down by not doing so. But I made sure that he knew that he didn't let anybody down at all. He made his city proud.

As I told him right after the match, his best fights are yet to come. And when they do, I'm sure the people of Robstown will be there cheering for every punch.