For residents in and around Robstown, the race to watch come July 31 is Constable Precinct 5 matchup between incumbent Constable Dionicio “Don” Ysassi and fellow Democratic party candidate Frank Flores III.

The primary race proved to be a consistently close one both through early voting and election day totals. A total of 2,232 residents cast their vote in the primary. Ysassi lead through both the early voting and election day votes, with 285 election day votes and 390 early votes. Flores kept close behind, with 383 early votes and 202 election day votes. Where Flores did make up some ground was in absentee votes, where he was ahead with 203 votes overall, compared to Ysassi's 151 absentee votes.

Ysassi, with 826 total votes, was just 38 votes ahead of Flores, according to complete, unofficial returns.

An even closer breakdown though shows Flores dominated in several areas of Robstown, including a large lead total at Hattie Martin and Lotspeich in voting precincts 35, 55 and 104. Combined in those three precincts, Flores surpassed Ysassi, 287-224. Flores also led at the Calderon Building, but it was a narrow victory, by a margin of just three votes. Flores also pulled ahead of Ysassi at San Pedro Elementary, 111 votes to 100 votes.

But Ysassi pulled ahead in precinct 13, where voting took place on W. Ligustrum. Ysassi received 106, while Flores received 91 votes. Ysassi pulled a larger lead in areas such as precinct 12 in Banquete, where he received 101 votes compared to Flores' 39 votes, and Agua Dulce (precinct 11) where he beat Flores three to one with 45 votes compared to Flores' 16 votes. With such low voter turnout, the larger leads in Banquete and Agua Dulce gave Ysassi the lead through election day.