Forty-one years in education is a lifetime. For Bill and Martha Westfall, although they did not grow up in Robstown, they have spent a lifetime with a whole generation of Robstown High School students.

For their efforts over four decades, and for the indelable mark they left on the face of Robstown education, the Westfalls were honored by the Robstown City Council with an official proclamation, adding their names to the list of Robstown's Lifetime Achievers.

There announcement was made during Monday's city council meeting, with Mayor Pro Tem Elias Vasquez officiating.

Martha Westfall said the community of Robstown had changed over the last 40 years, but it is still a vibrant community, with a lot of promise for its future. She said people should continue to stand by their school district.

"We just hope everyone will stand by Robstown and not leave here and there," Westfall said. "This is our town, it is a little town and it is struggling, but it has a lot going for it. The sign used to say the best little town in Texas. We are not going anywhere."

"We thank you, all of Robstown thanks you. I find people everyday who make good comments about you. It makes us proud and we thank you," Mayor Pro Tem Elias Vasquez said.

"I wish I had taken both your classes. All I hear people say is nothing but good things about you," Councilman David Medina said.

"It's not the paycheck, honestly, it's when you know you have accomplished something and the student has learned and has excelled in their life because of something we did, that is truly our motivation," fellow educator and councilwoman Mandy B. Vasquez said.