The Calallen Wildcats (2-1) lost a close one Friday night to the Flour Bluff Hornets (3-0).

Despite a valiant effort by the Wildcat defense, they proved not to be a match for the Hornet's size and speed.

Starting with their first drive in the first quarter, the Hornets dominated the clock, marching down field in a series of downs which culminated in a 8-yard touchdown pass by Hornets Quarterback Kolton Mims to Reggie Garza. Also on the money throughout the game was Flour Bluff's Kevin Reid, who completed two three-point conversions that helped place the Hornets beyond Calallen's reach.

Calallen rounded out the first quarter with a touchdown of their own, courtesy of a 30-yard catch by Robert Maldonado. The first of Reid's two three point kicks occurred late in the second quarter, putting the Hornets ahead 10-7 going into half time.

Coming back from halftime, Reid repeated the effort, to a 13-7 lead, which was followed up with a 60-yard run by Flour Bluff's Jamal Pradia for a touchdown.

Calallen ended the quarter with a safety, which whittled down on Hornet's lead, 19-9.

With 7:30 left in the game, the Wildcats made another push to close the gap, with a 30-yard touchdown pass, caught by Tristan Crossland in the end zone. The Hornets though were able to keep the Wildcats at bay for the remaining minutes of the game.

Calallen Head Coach Phil Danaher said his team was simply out-manned Friday night.

"We've just got to get better on offense. We're not moving the ball. We're not making big plays, we're making a lot of mistakes," Danaher said.

He pointed to several small issues on offense, which added together in the Flour Bluff game made all the difference. From inconsistent blocking, to missed field goals, inconsistent passing and inability to control the line of scrimmage.

"We were out-manned and outmatched," Danaher said. "They were bigger and they were faster."

One bright spot he did point to was the defenses' ability to keep the Hornets down to only 19 points in the game. He said the defense is good enough to win, but there is still work to be done on the offensive side moving forward.

"Our defense played their hearts out again," Danaher said. "We just haven't found our nitch offensively yet."