The Coastal Area Builders PAC, Builders Association of Corpus Christi Area’s Political Action Committee has voted to support the following candidates as they have expressed or demonstrated a commitment in building a future for our industry as well as our City.

Laurie J. Turner – State Board of Education, District 2

State Representative, Glenn Hegar, State Senator, District 18

State Representative, Todd Hunter, District 32

Jim Kaelin, Sheriff

County Commissioner, Mike Pusley, Precinct 1

Councilwoman Chris Adler, Mayor

Mark Scott and David Loeb, City Council At Large

Kelley Allen, City Council, District 1

Chad Magill, City Council, District 2

Jesse Noyola, City Council, District 3

Colleen McIntyre, City Council, District 4

Rudy Garza, Jr. City Council, District 5

“The board voted to endorse these candidates because of their familiarity with the building industry and their positive approach to business, job growth, and the future of the City” said Jerry Garcia, Chairman of the CABPAC.

The Builders Association-Corpus Christi Area is a non-profit association of professionals, committed to the home building industry, affiliated with the Texas Association of Builders and the National Association of Home Builders. We are a unified voice and resource, which provides education to our members and the community and promotes the value and benefits of new home construction.