That is the 4-H Motto. How can we make that claim? Itís because 4-H actually does make the best better, and in a wide variety of ways.

When people think of 4-H activities, most think of raising and showing livestock at the county show. While this is a part of 4-H, it is only one activity of many, many activities that are available to anyone from elementary age to high school age. Regardless of your personal interests, 4-H has a program to help you develop and improve your skills. From Photography to Food and Nutrition; from Clothing and Textiles to Archery and Shooting Sports, 4-H has a program to help you learn, improve and grow. Whether you live in the city or the country, 4-H has something just for you!

From my own 4-H experience, I feel Personal Development and Leadership have helped me the most. I joined 4-H as soon as I entered the third grade. Being a very shy kid, I felt awkward at first and was reluctant to get involved. I didnít know where to start. With encouragement from my Leaders and my new 4-H friends, I began a wonderful adventure of discovery that is 4-H. With each activity came experience. With each experience came self-confidence. With self-confidence came an excitement and a willingness to learn more. Today, over five years later, I look forward to meeting new friends and new challenges. I am no longer petrified to speak in front of a crowd or even write this article. I have found that I enjoy Journalism and want to learn more. 4-H has enabled me to discover talents I never knew I had and is now helping me to improve and develop them. These are skills I can use not only during my school years, but for the rest of my life.

I am thankful for my 4-H experience and I love telling others about the many activities

4-H has to offer. 4-H is all about DISCOVERY. Discover who you are and what you can be!